Thursday, February 4, 2016

Baby On Board

We all know what this means: drive safely around me because there is a baby in my car.

Isn't it interesting that we value a baby's or child's life above an adult's? It's definitely something that we as a culture would place up on a priority list, helpless babies and innocent children are always the first that we want to protect and save. When a child dies it cuts us to the heart, when people harm children we are angry and want to punish them.

So, with this being the way that we think, believe, and act how come we don't seem to realize that a pregnant woman is carrying a precious life inside of her, and that any attempt to end that life is just as terrible as purposely driving recklessly around a vehicle carrying a baby, with the intent to harm the baby?

I just got thinking about this the other day while driving past a car that displayed that sign. If our culture was to grasp what abortion really was (no, not just a "choice" of what to do with "my body"), I think we would realize that deep down it goes against everything we believe and practice.

A baby's life is worth protecting, because it is helpless and cannot protect itself. We need to treat them with care so that they can grow up to be the next generation, whether they are born yet or not.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


   A husband graduated from college, and a new baby sleeping on my chest. Things have surely changed, and a new era of life and marriage has begun.

   It's exciting, and perhaps a little frightening to be standing in the doorway of so many changes, so many new things, and a new year full of the unknown. I've never been one to embrace change, but the changes this new little life has brought to mine, while challenging at times, are all good. Being a mom and the main comforter to my little boy, and a wife and the main supporter to my graduated husband are my new and important roles in life.

   May the plans of my growing family, and the foot prints we leave behind be God honoring. May the changes and challenges, excitements and fears of the future and the unknown teach us more of the providence and faithfulness of God.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Third Time's the Charm

Thanks to my good friend Lina, I've got into knitting socks. It took a few tries to get it right, but the third one came out pretty ok. Christmas gifts here I come!!!

Homesteading 101

Chris shot this grouse, which we ate for dinner with potatoes and green beans. I like the feeling of providing for our house like this. Looking forward to many future years of homesteading.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Pictures, as Requested

Being back in the states for fall was pretty cool as I seem to have forgotten just how beautiful it gets.

Here are a couple snapshots I got from this fall:

I don't know if it's going to work, but I did try to send some fall colors to Zambia. Hopefully it makes the long trip over!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Adirondack Summer in a Nutshell

Summer ends abruptly and fall comes on fast in the Adirondacks, but it's nice to enjoy the colors!

Been meaning to post some pictures from an incredible summer...lots of hiking and canoeing, fishing and campfire-ing. The pictures don't show all the hard work, long work days, late nights and early mornings, but despite all that we're thankful for all that we have to make life out in the Adirondacks work. 

We are slowly becoming a part of the area, and it makes me happy that I can't go anywhere anymore without seeing at least one person that I know!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

No use crying over spilled milk.

This expression has a new meaning to me since last week Chris used one of my dish towels to clean up some milk that was spilled during a failed attempt at a smoothie. (We really need to figure out how to use our blender!) Warnings of using anything other than a sponge or paper towel to clean up milk had fallen on deaf ears, and it was difficult not to say "I told you so" when we came home one day to a very smelly house....which after some detective work led us to the laundry basket holding the very smelly dish towel.

So, I have always thought that marital problems caused by trivial issues such as whether or not the toilet seat is up or down, or if the toothpaste is squeezed out properly (just as a side note, Chris is a gentleman in both areas, squeezing from the bottom of the toothpaste tube and always leaving both the toilet seat and the toilet cover down) were immature, but somehow I found myself arguing with Chris in my head over the fact that the battle of saving the smelly dish towel would probably be lost since it would probably make the rest of our laundry smell terrible too.

As I was clinging onto the hope of saving my dish towel, Chris sensibly suggested throwing it away and buying a new one. It took a few minutes for me to realize that he was right, and after all, this was just a dish towel. I'm pretty sure you can buy three dish towels for a dollar at the dollar store.

How foolish of me to let something so trivial almost cause an argument with my best friend. I thought I was more mature than that!

Later that night Chris mentioned that the sponge smelled bad.....I immediately threw it away.