Saturday, August 16, 2014

Picking Weeds.

This isn't too out of the box, because I'm pretty sure God allowed weeds to grow so that we could make spiritual analogies with them. But's that's just me. :)

All my life one of my least favorite jobs in the world was picking weeds! I remember hating sitting on my knees in the hot sun, getting my hands all dirty, and not even being particularly sure what I supposed to pick or not! And I remember that it always seemed to take SO LONG!

The other day however I ended up doing some gardening (more like weeding) for someone, and realized how enjoyable it can be. For the first time in a while I was sitting in the sun, doing something that didn't take much effort, and getting to enjoy the outdoors. I'm a bit OCD too, so this was totally up my alley. It was also the first time in a while I'd been able to sit in a quiet environment, and God immediately got my attention and got me thinking.

So again, this is nothing ground breaking and no new revelations; the Bible talks plenty about weeds, but here are just a few things that I noticed.

#1. Weeds sometimes look very much like the real plants. Sometimes a weed can be mistaken for a plant, so one needs to look very carefully when deciding whether to pull, or not to pull. For me, this is something that happens in my life fairly often. I tend to always be a serving "Martha" slaving away in the kitchen with a bad attitude, wondering why in the world Jesus appreciates the "lazy" Mary over me. Sometimes those weeds resemble good things done for His kingdom, but I need to get rid of anything that isn't the real thing (no matter how authentic it looks). For me though, this is a lot easier said than done!

#2. Weeds growing in the middle of a sturdy group of plants are easy to recognize and very easy to pull, since their roots haven't been able to get too deep! The more on track I am, the harder it is to get weeds tangled up in my life. Weeds growing around the outskirts of plants are harder to pull. Again...super easy to say, much harder to live out!

#3. Neglected weeds get out of control! There were a few bunches of weeds that were hidden away under some tall plants. Their roots were crazy big, very deep, and pulled up a lot of surrounding dirt with them. Which leads to...

#4. Sometimes pulling weeds makes a pretty big mess, and can pull a lot of dirt, and sometimes even other plants with it. Even though that hurts a bit, it's totally worth it. Kinda like pruning.....

So yeah, I'm no weed expert, I just noticed some things and needed the reminders. God definitely uses the little things to keep me on track.

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  1. Those are some cool thoughts about weeds! While weeding isn't my favorite chore either, there is a certain satisfaction in getting ride of the junk so the 'real' plants can flourish and be enjoyed. Miss you!