Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Psalm 10

I've been observing the world and the news a bit more lately and been becoming discouraged. This Psalm has re-put things in perspective for me.

The wicked:

-persecute the poor (vs. 2)
-boast of heart's desire (vs. 3)
-bless the greedy (vs. 3)
-renounce the Lord (vs. 3)
-have a proud countenance (vs. 4)
-do not seek the Lord (vs. 4)
-do not have God in any of their thoughts (vs. 4)
-always prospering (but with a false sense of security, and are not aware of God's control) (vss. 5 + 6)
-sneer at enemies (vs. 5)
-have mouths full of cursing, deceit, and oppression (vs. 7)
-have trouble and iniquity under their tongues (vs. 7)
-sit in lurking places (vs. 8)
-murder the innocent (vs. 8)
-lie in wait like a lion to catch the poor (vs. 9)
-say in their hearts "God will forget, He will not require an account" (vss. 11, 13)

But God:

-has seen (vs. 14)
-observes trouble and grief (vs. 14)
-repays it [trouble and grief] by His hand (vs. 14)
-is a helper to the fatherless (vs. 14)
-breaks the arm of the wicked and evil man (vs. 15)
-seeks out wickedness tills He finds none (vs. 15)
-is the King forever and ever (vs. 15)
-has nations perish out of His land (vs. 16)
-hears desire of the humble (vs. 17)
-prepares their [the humbles'] hearts (vs. 17)
-causes His ear to hear (vs. 17)
-does justice to the fatherless and oppressed (vs. 18)

...so that the man of the earth may oppress no more. (vs. 18)

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