Sunday, August 3, 2014

Still Here...Still Blogging...69 Days into Marriage

I do enjoy blogging, really I do, I just sometimes can't figure out what in the world is happening in my life that people would really find worth reading...or sometimes I worry that writing about my life is simply a bit conceited. It didn't feel that way when I was in Zambia, keeping folks back home current on my life and work, it just seems different now.

At the same time I personally enjoy keeping a life journal, cementing lessons learned, sharing some laughs, praises, and joys. So here I go again, after taking a few months off; still in "the next step" of my life, still learning many, many things, still falling, still getting back up.

The last few months have held many new roles for me: a bride, a wife, an "Adirondack-ian", a dispatcher at Paul Smith's College, an Elder-care assistant. Life is full and busy, but that still leaves time for us to hike, canoe, run, and enjoy life in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Two months of being married still leaves me very far away from being the perfect wife and knowing everything there is to know (will I ever??), but the honeymoon and marriage lessons continue as I live my day to day life with my Blue Prince, who daily strives to be a good, godly, understanding (which at times is a challenge!), and patient husband.

God is good, and so is life!


  1. If you are looking for ideas to blog about, you should check out my friends blog: She talks about the different adventures that into being a wife and mother.

  2. While your life might not be 'Africa' exciting anymore, your journey with Chris is of great interest to some people, so please keep writing! Funny little things, pictures of beautiful things, misadventures and triumphs all make up a life, and all are things I'd love to hear about!