Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Night Shift...and my growing respect for those who work it

I've begun working nights twice a week. I've never fully appreciated people who work the night shift, but now I do! Going an entire night without sleep is quite the challenge! Coming home and trying to sleep during the day can be equally challenging.

There are a couple of perks though. I like the feeling I get when I've made it to dawn, the world is so peaceful and quiet, and most people haven't even started their days yet. Driving home the opposite way of the traffic is kinda cool are done with work for the day (hopefully), while the rest of the world is just beginning. I like the second wind you get (after being so exhausted) when suddenly the night is over. Climbing into bed is the best though, when Chris is still just waking up and we get to be together again after a long night apart.

I foolishly struggle after coming home, when my curtains are closed till after noon. I worry that people will think I'm lazy and high maintenance for sleeping so late. I may be semi groggy for the next 24 hours after my night shifts (and others I am in contact with won't understand why), but my caring husband makes me feel like I have just run a marathon, and deserve a medal for my efforts.

I'm starting to not care what strangers think of me, and I will try not to just assume a person is a lazy when I see them sleeping past noon.

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