Thursday, February 4, 2016

Baby On Board

We all know what this means: drive safely around me because there is a baby in my car.

Isn't it interesting that we value a baby's or child's life above an adult's? It's definitely something that we as a culture would place up on a priority list, helpless babies and innocent children are always the first that we want to protect and save. When a child dies it cuts us to the heart, when people harm children we are angry and want to punish them.

So, with this being the way that we think, believe, and act how come we don't seem to realize that a pregnant woman is carrying a precious life inside of her, and that any attempt to end that life is just as terrible as purposely driving recklessly around a vehicle carrying a baby, with the intent to harm the baby?

I just got thinking about this the other day while driving past a car that displayed that sign. If our culture was to grasp what abortion really was (no, not just a "choice" of what to do with "my body"), I think we would realize that deep down it goes against everything we believe and practice.

A baby's life is worth protecting, because it is helpless and cannot protect itself. We need to treat them with care so that they can grow up to be the next generation, whether they are born yet or not.

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